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Useful stuffz for every Suunto Vyper owners. I'll refresh when I found some interesting informations.

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Suunto Vyper interfaces
Roli's interfaceRoli's PC Interface for
Cobra / Vyper / Mosquito

There's a nice solutuion, my favourite desing as pdf. It's small, and easy made. Pictures, circuit description, PCB artwork, part list, assembly included.

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Roli's USB Interface for
Cobra / Vyper / Mosquito

At last, there is a working interface for USB port! It was tested by myself on laptop and desktop, also under SDM 1.6 and 2.1.5 and is was full compatible. On Windows7-64bit with SDM2.6.0 and above is not detected the device, but maybe it is working on XP. Win7-64 with SDM 1.6 working perfect. The original Roli's interface's some optional parts was droped, but it is still perfect right now.

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Cheap and cool Suunto

One of my friends found a really perfect plug for our computers. It's called something like "douple-pole plug" and You can found in the electronic shops. It is a two part plug, but we use just one of them, unfortunately that is the mother part. So, we need a little bit hand-made modification, but it is mutch less then all other version that I saw.

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My own designed plug

Ok, this is a not too nice, but well working plug, designed by myselt. Made from plexi and plastic box from the bathroom with some thin copper row. Cost nearly nothing, but you need time to make it. 8 from 10 will contacted, if you make it well!
(sorry, not that perfect that I think, I'm working on it!)
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Chris's interfaceCERN Scuba Club

Made by Christian Erles, this is the First, without PCB but with IC and capacitors.
Pictures and circuit description.

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DIY PC-interfaceDIY PC-Interface
for Suunto Vyper

This is also a nice one with IC. The most popular, based on Chris Erles's interface. Pictures, circuit description, PCB artwork, part list, assembly included.

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veroboard versionDIY PC-Interface for Suunto Vyper -
Veroboard Version

There is a easy one, converted the original design into a simple to build veroboard version by Martin Adams. There is a neat solution to connecting the Vyper which uses a plug and should also work well with the Cobra. Pictures, component layout.

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Matan Ninio'

Matan ( from Israel ) created this Veroboard layout with is based on Roli's interface. Mainly, it only requires 7 holes in 14 lines, it. requires no cutting of lines at all, and all the diodes face the same way, which makes assembly easer. Here is the PDF file with the layout (designed so you can print, cut, and place directly on the Veroboard, to simplify assembly. this is an A4 version).

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Suunto original Plug

There is three pictures from the original Suunto plug, I made is a diving shop. If You think about making a nice one, this is the destination :-)

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Wynn's Vyper
interface box

Here is a professional design for the interface box. Unfortunately not a full instruction just pictures, but good for take an idea.

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Suunto Vyper protocol
Suunto Spyder, Vyper and Cobra Protocol
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If you damage your Vyper when you use this information, don't blame me!
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