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About the program:
The suuntoToHtml born to build a correct html output from the Suunto Dive Manager.
It can diggin the complete logbook and dive profil and can summarize. The output html is absolutly pliable because the program working from standard html templates. The dive data inserted by variables to the html code.
The program is absolute free. You can use or give to Your friends by free in unchanged version. If You want a dowload link for your visitors in your home page, please use this html code. It's give you always the latest version:

<a href="http://vyper.bunny.hu/suuntohtml"><img src="http://vyper.bunny.hu/suuntohtml/s2h_banner.jpg" border="0"></a>

History and readme files

Skins (html templates):

bunny logbook skin v2.0 Base of my logbook. See it here!

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