Roli' USB interface for suunto Vyper/Cobra etc.

My friend, Feco was modified a little bit the originale Roli's interface, not so mutch just he cut some optional part of interface like LED, eprom, etc.
The interface was tested with mosquito and vyper suunto computer on laptop and desktop PC, too with Windows XP and it was perfect. I downloaded my profile to SDM 1.6 and 2.1.5.
On Windows7-64bit with SDM2.6.0 and above is not detected the device, but maybe it is working on XP. Win7-64 with SDM 1.6 working perfect.
This interface is
simply a serial-USB interface integrated to the suunto DIY interface, so if You have and old serial version, don't waste time for make this one, just buy a serial-USB cable and it will work vith your interface as well. Probably :)

Documentaries and pictures for make this interface:
- schematics and part list
- assembly
- Layout to make a motherboard
- The finished interface
- Windows 2000, XP, 7, 2008 driver (a suunto usb driver is not working!)
- factory driver download page

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